onsdag 29 april 2015

Digital literacy

In our PBL group we had a hangout today. Someone said that we all come from different contexts. None of us is like someone else, we are all a bit "odd birds in different colors". Now we collaborate and talk about scenarios, and we are using a fish model. What will it produce?
  • Perhaps flying fishes - brave individuals with advanced digital literacy.
  • Perhaps amphibians - flexible, complex vehicles that offer many options for learning and collaboration.
  • Perhaps bishs, or firds - brand new compositions that will lead us in completely new ways.
  • Perhaps something I don't know at all
Maybe this is what digital literacy is all about!?

Based on new collaboration using new(?) digital tools something new and unexpected is growing, something we can not plan for. Digital literacy will find new forms, can be seen in different perspectives and used in different contexts. It's development is not predetermined, it lives it's own life, get nourishment from our meetings and conversations, from the experiences of others, from the topcs we face, from contexts and situations.

Sometimes we might agree on a description. Sometimes it fits in with some of Doug Belshaw's eight "elements" in the webinar. Sometimes you need totally different formulas to describe it.

All this makes me very curious about how my own digital literacy will change through the course. What will  my digital me look lite when the course is over?

Digital kompetens (eller Digital läs- och skrivkunskap)

I vår PBL-grupp:s hangout idag var det någon som konstaterade att vi kommer från så olika sammanhang. Ingen av oss är lik någon annan, vi är alla lite "udda fåglar i olika färger". Nu arbetar vi tillsammans, på exempel från verkligheten genom att titta på en fiskmodell. Vad kommer ut av det?

  • Kanske flygfiskar – modiga individer med många utvecklade digitala kompetenser.
  • Kanske amfibiebilar – flexibla, komplexa farkoster som erbjuder många alternativ för lärande och samarbete.
  • Kanske fåskar, eller figlar – helt nya sammansättningar som leder oss på helt nya vägar.
  • Kanske något jag inte alls anar.

Är det kanske det digital kompetens (eller digital läs- och skrivförmåga) handlar om!? 

Utifrån nya samarbeten via nya(?) digitala verktyg växer något nytt och oväntat, något vi inte kan planera för. För digital kompetens tar sig hela tiden nya former, kan ses ur så olika perspektiv och användas i så olika sammanhang. Utvecklingen är inte förutbestämd, den lever liksom sitt eget liv, får näring ur våra möten och samtal, ur andras erfarenheter, ur problemen vi ställs inför, ur sammanhang och situationer.
Ibland kan vi kanske enas om en beskrivning. Ibland passar den ihop med någon av Doug Belshaw’s åtta ”grundämnen” i webinaren. Ibland behövs helt annorlunda formler för att beskriva den. 

Det här gör mig väldigt nyfiken på hur min egen digitala kompetens kommer att förändras genom kursen. Hurdant är mitt digitala jag när kursen är slut?

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  1. Wow!! I wish I wrote that...but, as I didn´t, I am som happy I had the opportunity to read it. Divine!!

  2. Read your blog Birgitta, you have captured a lot of interesting reflections and brought up a lot of issues, for sure more questions and answers. I like your approach on uncertainty,but to dare to be it, and take enhanecement from here and onwards and allow things to take different ways and perspectives. YOur journey has started and will take its ways due to your curiousity.
    I alss like teh way you are writing both in English and Swedish

    1. Yes, Ebba, the questions are many and that leads to transformation. Were the journey goes is also a question. All these question is all right to me, I don't have to have the answers just now. Some of them will turn out sooner or later.

  3. I also enjoyed the fishy metaphor. I wonder if we should really talk about DIGITAL literacies since the literacies we are talking about have always been vital (source criticism, networking, collaboration, sharing, information retrieval etc). It's just that the digital element introduces new opportunities and affordances but the literacies are applicable everywhere.

  4. This is like a poem of life itself, Birgitta! It comprises both views on how humans may perceive his or her surrounding and those possibly new things being confronted with! "Is this new phenomena positive or negative? Is it a hindrance or an opportunity?" In your thoughts I can feel a lot of positivism, and think that you are assuming a very useful pragmatic view on it all - approximately - just let us "go with the flow"! :)